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How To Write An Argumentative Essay; A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

As a beginner writing an argumentative essay it is most important that you understand the nature of the piece of writing. This is not a descriptive essay. You are not writing an admissions essay nor is this a research paper. An argumentative essay involves an argument. There are a number of points you need to understand or steps you need to take and they are as follows.

  • Does the topic divide public opinion?
  • Does the topic have depth?
  • Do you know the structure of an argumentative essay?
  • Can you disprove the counterargument?
  • Have you completed the proofreading and editing?

In order for you to write a really good argumentative essay you need to choose a topic which divides public opinion. There might be more than two opinions as far as this topic is concerned but it certainly must have at least two.

It might be a topic which divides public opinion but if it is a shallow topic, that is it doesn't have a great deal of substance to it, then you will struggle to write an excellent essay. You need to be able to make a number of points in favour of your point of view and a shallow argumentative essay topic will not allow you to do that.

As a beginner you should know that the structure of an argumentative essay consists of three sections -- introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. Your introduction contains your thesis statement and prepares the reader for your argument. Your body paragraphs contain one main point each. And the conclusion is your summary of the previous paragraphs. Do not introduce any new ideas or points in your conclusion. Don’t invent a new structure. Use a plan before you start the actual writing.

When you decide on which argument you will support in an argumentative essay, you need to be aware of the counterargument. You will not spend a great deal of time on this aspect but if you can disprove or dismantle the case for the counterargument you will lend even more weight to the weight of your essay.

Once you have finished you really should try and get some feedback. Showing your argumentative essay to fellow students, friends or family might help you improve your work. Whatever response you get you must always spend time proofreading and editing your final copy.


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